VTU Model Question Paper 2024 Vikrama Simhapuri University PG Diploma Sample Question Paper

Vikrama Simhapuri University VSU Announced Pg Diploma all Semester on March 2018, PG Diploma 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Semester Model Question Papers Download Previously Vikrama Simhapuri University had Conducted the PG Diploma Semester Examinations in Year 2018, This University Official web Portal www,simhapuriuniv,ac,in

Download This Examination Sample Papers Subject wise in PG Diploma for 1st Semester Examination,VSU University 2024 Semester Subject wise, Paper Wise, Model Papers, Important Questions Download for More Information Details is Below

Biochemistry Paper 1 Bio molecules and Entomology, Section B Paper 2 Metabolism and Biochemical Techniques, Section C Paper 3 Physiology, Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology

Biotechnology Paper 1 Cell Biology and Genetics, Paper 2 Biological Chemistry and Microbiology, Paper 4 Applications of Biotechnology,

Botany Paper 1 Microbial diversity, Cryptograms and Gymnosperms, Paper 2 Anatomy, Embryology, Taxonomy and Medicinal Botany, Paper 3 Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology and Biodiversity,

Chemistry Paper 1Inorganic Chemistry of three years, Paper 2 Physical Chemistry of three years, Paper 3 Organic Chemistry of three years,

Computer Science Paper 1 PC Software and ‘C’ Programming, Paper 2 Object Oriented Programming with Java and Data Structures, Paper 3 Modern Data Base Management Systems,

Food Technology Paper 1 Basic Food groups Food Constituents, Nutrients, and Food Requirements, Paper 2 Fundamentals of Food Science, Chemistry, Processing and Preparation, Paper 3 Nutrition for Growth and Development Food spoilage and Preservation,

Marine Biology Paper 1 Biology of Invertebrates and Cell Biology, Paper 2 Animal Physiology, Ecology, Evolution and Genetics, Paper 3 Fishery Science,

Mathematics Paper 1 Differential Equations and Solid Geometry , Paper 2 Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis, Paper 3 Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus,

Physics Paper 1 Mechanics, Waves and Oscillations, Paper 2 Thermodynamics and Optics , Paper 3 Electricity, Magnetism and Electronics,

Statistics Paper 1 Descriptive Statistics and Probability and Distributions, Paper 2 Statistical Methods and Inference, Paper 3 Applied Statistics,

Zoology Paper 1 Biology of Invertebrates and Cell Biology, Paper 2 Biology of Chordates, Embryology, Ecology and Zoogeography, Paper 3 Animal Physiology, Genetics and Evolution,

Microbiology,Paper 1 Introductory Microbiology,Paper 2 Microbial Physiology and Genetics,Paper 3 Applied Microbiology,

Commerce Paper 1 Financial Accounting, Paper 2 Business Economics, Paper 5 Advanced Accounting, Paper 8 Taxation , Paper 10 Cost and Management Accounting, Paper 11 Business Law

Economics Paper 1 Micro Economics, Paper 2 Macro Economics, Paper 3 Indian Economy

Education Paper 2 Foundations of education, Paper 2 Psychological foundations of education, Paper 3 Educational Technology and Computer Education, Paper 4 School Management and Systems of Education

English Paper 1 Studied under Part I English, Paper 2 Studied under Part I English, Paper 3 Drama , Paper 4 Novel Studied under part II Advanced English of B,A,

Political Science & Public Administration Concepts and theories of Political Science, Concepts and theories of Public Administration, Indian Government and Politics, Indian Administration, Political thought Management of resources : Human resource management, Financial management,

Social Work Social work profession, philosophy and basic social science concepts, Social work intervention Basic methods, Social work intervention Auxiliary methods; Social work with women and children,

Telugu Paper 1 Studied under Part I Telugu, Paper 2 Studied under Part I Telugu, Paper 3 Modern Language and History of Telugu Literature, Paper 4 History of A,P, Language Grammar and Dialects Studied under Part II Advanced Telugu of B,A,

Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
Engineering Chemistry
Elements Of Civil Engineering And Engineering Mechanics&Nbsp;
Basic Electrical Engineering
Basic Electronics
Elements Of Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Mathematics – I&Nbsp;
Programming In C_And Data Structures&Nbsp;